What Can Pathmind AI Do for Me?

Your business works in fast-changing environments. Your operations have to respond to that. The simulations you build have to mirror those changes and support your decision making. Pathmind AI helps those simulations respond to change better than traditional optimizers, which helps you beat your simulation heuristics and prepare for unexpected events.


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Get to Better Results Faster

ProblemSimulation is a great tool for optimization when real-world testing isn’t plausible. Virtually recreating a problem is only part of the solution, however, and models still require time and resources for testing. Often, the best paths for efficiency aren’t evident with trial-and-error.

Pathmind SolutionPathmind uses AI to take the guesswork out of simulation. By automatically running multiple experiments, Pathmind can quickly find the best decision paths to meet requirements for success. Since training takes place in the cloud, resources are freed up while AI does the testing for you.

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Handle Variance and Change

Problem: Mathematical optimizers used with simulation models are good at offering insight for static environments, but businesses need to be able to handle change. Supply chains are majorly impacted by shifts in demand, resource shortages, and unpredictable events that need to be navigated.

Pathmind Solution: Since Pathmind policies are powered by AI, they are prepared to adapt and respond to change. Models using Pathmind can easily be adjusted to plan for or respond to operational shifts and are more capable of handling complex, robust models than optimizers.

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Deploy Real-Time Decisions

Problem: Once the best paths for optimization have been determined, that information needs to be applied to operations. Figuring out how to take data from a simulation model and allow systems in the real world to take advantage of it can be a difficult task.

Pathmind Solution: Pathmind deployment options simplify the transition into using policies generated by AI in simulation models. These policies are able to make real-time decisions to keep operations profitable, efficient, and running smoothly even through variance.    

Simplifying Process and Infrastructure Management

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Traditional optimization is a labor-intensive process that involves manual trial and error, step by step debugging and validation, as well as hand-rolling one’s own tooling and tests. That process often takes many months and require recurring maintenance. Pathmind can get you to success in weeks by automating and tracking your optimization infrastructure and experiments. Our simple workflows train your models on the cloud, enable you to update them easily to test ideas, and embed them in production.  

Why Use Pathmind with Simulation?

Since Pathmind works with AnyLogic, you can leverage AI in simulation software that you already know. For initiatives such as digital twin and supply chain modeling, combining these two powerful tools can produce the best solutions to key business challenges such as:

  • Optimizing machine configurations for production scheduling with production targets in mind.
  • Integrating manufacturing, inventory, and distribution to meet business goals.
  • Assigning personnel to maintain operational requirements.
  • Planning staffing levels and schedules to hit budget and production needs.
  • Using warehouse space, equipment, and inventory effectively to meet lean inventory management and delivery goals.

Once you have solutions for your business goals, Pathmind supplies a way to deploy that trained decision-making AI in your operations.

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