Pathmind Serving and Deployment

Pathmind provides the tools necessary to create your own custom-built reinforcement learning solutions. All polices obtained with Pathmind are exposed via REST API.


Query Policy Predictions via REST API

All Pathmind policies can be exposed via REST API with a click of a button.

  • Retrieve policy predictions in real-time using standard JSON. No proprietary languages or software required.
  • Swap policies in and out on the fly. You can dynamically add and remove policies as your business evolves.
Screenshot of Pathmind Helper being used to set up an AnyLogic simulation for AI.

Access policies using a standard REST endpoint.

Policy Management Dashboard

Screenshot of Pathmind Serving being used for deploying AI into production.

Manage and track multiple deployed policies using Pathmind’s management dashboard.

Pathmind provides the tools necessary to manage policies deployed to production.

  • Monitor uptime and policy performance in real-time.

  • A/B test multiple policies to objectively measure how policies behave on real data.

  • Automatically be notified when a policy needs to be retrained.

No infrastructure expertise is required. A domain expert can easily monitor and manage all policies obtained in Pathmind to ensure quality results.