Working With Our AI Experts

Our round-the-clock product support, expert-led training courses, and project-based AI consulting will help you see the benefits of reinforcement learning right away.

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Partner with Experts

Engage our in-house experts experienced in applying reinforcement learning to your industry.

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Ignite Your Ideas

Access cutting-edge insights: Pathmind’s AI consulting team apply the latest AI capabilities that give your organization a competitive edge and drive innovation.

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Realize Value Sooner

Learn the best practices to optimize operations and deploy AI to production to drive performance with our consulting and training courses.

Advanced Consulting

As a product-focused company, Pathmind strives to provide the tools and knowledge that our customers need to be self-sufficient. Our self-paced tutorials and instructor-led courses are often all an organization needs to be successful with the Pathmind platform.

AI consulting work at Pathmind is focused on the long-term organizational needs of our clients to build strategic growth centers through reinforcement learning and our platform.

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Project-Based Consulting

Applying new technology to your project can be daunting, but our team can provide technical expertise and domain-specific best practices. We help our simulation clients accomplish three things: we validate that your simulation model is suitable for RL. We validate that the model matches your stated business goals. And we help integrate RL with that model.

Our AI consulting team focuses on meeting the demands of your project using the Pathmind platform. In consultation, we determine the best method to apply Pathmind’s AI to your projects.

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Deep Technical Support

When choosing a SaaS tool like Pathmind, you need a consulting team that will support your success, beyond a mere subscription. We offer extensive support to ensure that your team succeeds with Pathmind and achieves its goals with AI.

Our consultants work directly with your team to provide technical enablement for adopting Pathmind AI and the Pathmind platform for long-term, positive impact on your business operations.

We Can Help

Our consulting team can get you to faster and better AI-enabled decisions, whether you’re embarking on your first AI project or are an experienced AI practitioner looking for superior results.

Pathmind University

Pathmind  University is our set of training classes that help teach you how to get better decisions with simulations by using Pathmind AI. In our courses, Pathmind instructors coach simulation modelers basic and advanced concepts in applying AI to system simulations. In addition, Pathmind supports executives learning about AI and how it can affect their business strategy. All classes are available virtually.

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101 - Getting Started with Pathmind and AnyLogic

Learn how to use Pathmind to deliver optimal results

102 - Reinforcement Learning for Executives

Learn the foundations of reinforcement learning and how to apply it to your AnyLogic business practices

201 - Advanced Reward Shaping

Learn how to shape rewards to get optimal results

202 - Advanced Integration

Learn how to integrate Pathmind’s policy server to deploy predictive models in operations

We Can Help

From novice to expert, Pathmind AI can be harnessed by anyone with the right insights — and it’s never been easier to get up to speed. Whether you’re simply getting started, empowering an executive team, or leading  systems integrations,  we have a course for you.