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Pathmind Example Models

Getting Started

An introduction to Pathmind and the basics of reinforcement learning with a simple stochastic model.

Product Delivery

Optimizing deliveries in a network of manufacturers and distributors.

Coffee Shop

Balancing customer wait times with kitchen cleanliness in a coffee shop operation.

Warehouse Delivery Optimization

Determining which factories should to deliver to which warehouses for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Moon Landing

Landing a lunar module safely on the moon while considering speed, distance from target, and fuel consumption.

Help Documents


Pathmind Helper

Instructions for setting up the Pathmind Helper and adding reinforcement learning functions to a model.

Pathmind Training

Resources for understanding the Pathmind Training web application and training mechanics.

Tips & Tricks

Quick tips for making sure your model is configured for reinforcement learning and other helpful tricks.


Answers to some commonly-asked questions about reinforcement learning terms and using Pathmind.

Pathmind Helper

Download the Pathmind Helper and begin adding reinforcement learning functions to simulation models.