Software Pricing

Pathmind offers a cloud-based SaaS that enables businesses to apply reinforcement learning to real-life problems in manufacturing, supply chain, and more. Access the power of reinforcement learning without a team of Data Scientists.


Add-On Services

For organizations who do not have reinforcement learning expertise in house.

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Proof of Concept

Hire Pathmind to augment your existing simulation for reinforcement learning. This is typically a 90-day project in which a Pathmind engineer will apply reinforcement learning to your simulation, train a policy, and validate it against a baseline.

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Technical Support

Pathmind can work with your team to apply reinforcement learning to existing use cases. This includes support throughout the entire reinforcement learning lifecycle starting from use case discovery to policy deployment.

Interested in Add-On Services?

A Pathmind Enterprise subscription is required for add-on services. Get in touch to learn more.