Price Forecasting

Pathmind’s AI can help your simulations anticipate how and when resource prices will change, making business goals easier to plan and achieve.


AI for Price Forecasting

Manufacturing facilities using a lot of electricity know that fluctuations in power costs make it difficult to schedule production for efficiency. Since these price changes are irregular and difficult to predict, traditional optimizers are unable to produce a reliable solution.

Pathmind is able to beat existing methods of energy cost management and produce substantial cost savings on electricity spending. The Pathmind AI learns subtle indications that energy costs would spike, allowing time to lower production during those surges.

Since production can then be adjusted intelligently, manufacturers are able to meet, or exceed, production targets while simultaneously reducing energy spending.

Improve Your Business Strategy with AI-Powered Price Forecasting

Unpredictable resource prices can be detrimental to business plans. Variables such as spiking energy and material costs make planning production schedules and meeting quotas a challenge. When resource and utility spending is a key consideration for businesses, being able to anticipate price shifts can be a crucial advantage.

Simulations can help better understand how resource and utility price changes impact the bottom line, but optimizing those models in the face of variability is a problem faced by many businesses. Optimizers are not equipped to understand how and when prices will surge, making them a bad fit for price forecasting. Empowering those same simulations with AI can be a game changer. AI policies are able to learn price trends, alerting businesses to how and when surges are likely to happen. That knowledge can help organizations better understand resource spending and make more informed plans for the future.

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Predict Changes in Utility Prices

Businesses that rely on large amounts of resources or utilities for their production methods can see their profits majorly-impacted by fluctuating prices. Unexpected shifts in cost make forecasting profits and running efficient manufacutring processes impossible. Pathmind’s AI enables business simulations to better understand how and when prices changes will happen, making cost forecasting and production planning easier.


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Adjust Production Schedules for Efficiency

Once an operation is able to predict resource and utility price changes, it can then begin to adjust its production schedule to accommodate those fluctuations. More efficient operations can help businesses strategize production plans and make better decisions for tomorrow.


Plan Ahead with Pathmind AI

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