Join Pathmind on September 23rd as we attend this year’s AnyLogic Conference, an annual event showcasing how organizations around the world are using AnyLogic simulation software to solve problems across industries. This year’s free virtual event will include the chance to network with leading simulation experts and discover new content from AnyLogic users.

Don’t miss our presentations highlighting how reinforcement learning (RL) for simulation is being used to overcome business challenges and make better optimization decisions.

We’re partnering with Engineering USA and Accenture Applied Intelligence to present the business values of RL for simulation and share two example use cases. Next, we’re teaming up with Noorjax Consulting to share a Flexible Manufacturing System powered by RL use case and demonstrate how RL and simulation can help achieve Industry 4.0 solutions.  

You can also stop by our virtual booth and learn how you can apply Pathmind reinforcement learning to your own AnyLogic simulations.

Reinforcement Learning for Simulation: Business Advantages and Use Cases

Date/Time: Thursday, September 23 | 1:00PM CDT

Presenters: Chris Nicholson, CEO (Pathmind) | Edward Junprung, Head of Customer Success (Pathmind) | Dayana Cope, Director of Simulation & Data Science (Engineering USA) | Brian Erik Ovrum, Data Science Associate Manager (Accenture SRL) | Agustin Albinati, Data Science Consultant (Accenture Applied Intelligence)

Summary: Join Pathmind, Engineering Group and Accenture Applied Intelligence for “Reinforcement Learning for Simulation: Business Advantages and Use Cases.” This presentation will explore the business values of adopting reinforcement learning for simulation and showcase how organizations across industries are reaching their goals with Pathmind.

Reinforcement learning for simulation offers significant business advantages by replacing optimizers and heuristics with smarter, faster AI-trained decision agents.  Compared to more traditional optimization methods, reinforcement learning can produce equivalent or better results in less time and is more adaptable to accommodate changing data.

Pathmind makes pairing reinforcement learning and simulation easy by handling the AI so users can focus on their simulations and business goals. Anyone comfortable using AnyLogic can apply reinforcement learning with Pathmind – no data science knowledge required or proprietary coding languages to learn.  

Engineering Group and Accenture Applied Intelligence have used simulation and Pathmind reinforcement learning to solve business problems. During the presentation, Engineering’s Industries eXcellence Global team will share how Pathmind helped to optimize a flexible manufacturing system production line to increase order processing speed and improve other KPIs. Accenture Applied Intelligence will showcase how they were able to increase efficiency in a fulfillment center by using Pathmind reinforcement learning to improve putaway and picking processes. 

Applying Reinforcement Learning to Industry 4.0 Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Date/Time: Thursday, September 23 | 5:30PM CDT

Presenters: Edward Junprung, Head of Customer Success (Pathmind) | Felipe Haro, Founder (Noorjax Consulting)

Summary: In this session, we will showcase a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) powered by reinforcement learning. We will demonstrate a Flexible Manufacturing System consisting of 4 pick heads, 3 process heads, and 1 conveyer, all controlled by a reinforcement learning policy. The objective is to operationalize a fully automated, flexible, and adaptable manufacturing process that can accomodate multiple orders of operation efficiently using the same production line. The vision is to support the following operational paradigms that we believe will drive the factory of the future.

1. Variable Production Framework (i.e. high mix – high volume, low mix – high volume and high mix – low volume.

2. Fully automated, flexible, and adaptable manufacturing lines which maintain high throughput and consistent quality.

It is estimated that only 30% of companies are capturing value from Industry 4.0 solutions at scale today, while 68% see it as a top strategic priority. Slightly more have started pilot solutions. Using AnyLogic and Pathmind, we demonstrate how companies can leverage simulation and reinforcement learning to build and operate Industry 4.0 solutions.