Pathmind will be presenenting at this year’s Ray Summit, an annual event hosted by Anyscale. Ray Summit brings together data scientists, developers, and other practitioners interested in creating scalable data and AI applications with Ray, an open-source Python framework for distributed computing and collection of libraries for machine learning.

Ray Summit 2021 will be a free virtual event hosted June 22-24 and featuring topic areas such as machine learning in production and deep and reinforcement learning.

Mark your calendars for Pathmind’s presentation:

Applying Ray and RLlib to Real-Life Industrial Use Cases

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 23 | 1:00 – 1:30PM PDT

Summary: In this session, we’ll explore industrial applications of reinforcement learning and compare the performance of an RL policy to traditional heuristics and optimizers. We have found that in certain use cases, RL can outperform all other approaches by more than 10%. With the help of Ray and RLlib, we will demonstrate two methods of applying RL to industrial simulations.

  1. Bridging Ray with a simulation IDE such as AnyLogic to train a policy.
  2. Explanation of common baseline comparisons such as heuristics and optimizers.
  3. A demo using a HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

At the conclusion of this session, you should be able to identify use cases suitable for RL and gain intuition on how reinforcement learning can be applied to real-life industrial use cases. Learn more…

Want to chat with us at Ray Summit 2021? Contact [email protected] to set up a time.