Large organizations confront the dual challenge of delivering goods efficiently while minimizing pollution.

To deliver the right goods on time, manufacturers, distributors, and fleets need to coordinate with each other, which requires information flows to be managed well. Monitoring and minimizing carbon emissions adds another layer of complexity. Coordination in product delivery can be simulated with software like AnyLogic.

The Applied Intelligence team at Accenture in Argentina decided to expand AnyLogic’s product delivery simulation by modeling carbon emissions tied to various routes and vehicles. The goal was to optimize product delivery in order to maximize efficiency AND minimize emissions and delivery time.

The model uses AnyLogic’s GIS elements to place agents in the correct locations across several cities, locations that are provided by an Excel spreadsheet. These features also allow the delivery trucks to move along real roads.

Accenture Carbon Emissions Model

The model includes three manufacturing centers and fifteen distributors in various locations. Each manufacturing center houses a fleet of delivery trucks.  

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