How Can Pathmind for Simulation Optimization Help Me?

An engineer runs a Pathmind simulation optimization experiment in a factory.

Pathmind enables businesses to find better decision paths by using AI for simulation optimization and deploying trained AI into operations.

Our web application frees up your time and local resources while it searches for solutions using reinforcement learning and cloud computing clusters.

Once the best decision paths have been found, Pathmind creates an AI policy to embed in your systems.

We offer simulation modelers a quick, simple workflow that requires no advanced knowledge of AI.


Why Should I Use AI in Simulations?

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Get to Better Results Faster

Get superior results in less time from the tools you trust by using AI and cloud computing for simulation optimization.

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Handle Variance and Change

Navigate unexpected change and variance with Pathmind policies that outperform mathematical optimizers.

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Deploy Real-Time Decisions

Implement trained predictive AI models in real-world systems to make key decisions better.

Where Do I Start With AI?

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Build a model ready for AI simulation optimization using tools that you trust like AnyLogic in a familiar workflow.

Just drag and drop the Pathmind Helper into your model and use its properties to add AI capabilities.

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Train your AI models fast on Pathmind’s web app.

Experiment tracking makes it easy to monitor progress and results across multiple experiments.

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Deploy validated AI models as endpoints in a REST API to make better decisions.

Query the endpoints to know the AI’s suggested action or decision, which can be easily applied in production.

Recent Updates

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Open Pit Mine: Haul Truck Routing

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Metals Processor: Optimizing Electricity Use

Metals Processor: Optimizing Electricity Use

Summary A global engineering firm worked with Pathmind to apply reinforcement learning to optimize electricity use at a large metals processor and save 10% of what they spent on power. Challenge Some metals are produced by electrolysis, or running...

Goal-Oriented AI: When AI Gives You Chills…

Goal-Oriented AI: When AI Gives You Chills…

There’s something eerie about deep reinforcement learning that sets it apart from other kinds of AI. Deep reinforcement learning is “goal-oriented” AI. That is, it learns which actions to perform in order to reach a goal.  It was used in the early...