What is Pathmind?

Pathmind is a SaaS platform that enables businesses to apply reinforcement learning to real-world scenarios without data science expertise. You focus on your simulation and we handle the rest.

Pathmind helps businesses find better ways to save money and increase output by using AI for simulation optimization, and then deploying trained AI into operations.

Our web application frees up your time and local resources while it searches for solutions using reinforcement learning and cloud computing clusters.

Once the best decision paths have been found, Pathmind creates an AI policy to embed in your systems.

We offer simulation modelers a quick, simple workflow that requires no advanced knowledge of AI.

Who is Pathmind For?

Pathmind is designed for professional simulation engineers, consultancies, and corporate teams who seek to apply reinforcement learning to their simulation projects.

Averill M. Law’s Simulation Seminars

“I have presented more than 560 simulation short courses in 20 countries and believe that reinforcement learning is the most exciting simulation-related technology to come along since agent-based simulation became popular in the early 2000s.”

Averill M. Law, Ph.D.

Author of the book, Simulation Modeling and Analysis

Pathmind Partners

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